GENESIS Squat - G610

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The 70 lbs (31 kg) counter weight of the Genesis Squat is just one of the advantages of this machine. Designed by Freemotion trainers, the rugged, curved platform alleviates stress and pressure on the ankle, while the 'over the shoulder' pad is extra plush. The machine naturally puts the member in the perfect squat position and weight selection is easy: squat deep and the machine will pick up the ideal weight. Put one leg behind and now you've got a calorie-burning weighted lunge.
The Freemotion Squat has been upgraded with a superior linkage system. An added safety spring provides extra security to ensure that loads stay in place under pressure.
Contoured shoulder pads swivel and slide to comfortably to fit people of all sizes.
This unique platform design encourages correct ankle alignment and is textured for stable foot placement.

Model number: G610