GENESIS Multi-Pull / Rotation High

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The Genesis™ High Pull does the work of many different machines in one single footprint. Made to work the upper body, the High Pull incorporates side chiseling chop movements, bicep and tricep muscles and just about everything in between. Because the Genesis High Pull doesn't have a seat, the workout intensifies by pulling in core and stability development all while experiencing an ever-moving pulley that goes where you want it to go. This machine is a training bridge between strength and cardio; lessen the weight and amp up the movement to create a sweat-inducing workout that will burn calories. Load up the plates to create a user-determined workout that's truly customizable.
Live-sliding pulley technology allow muscles to stay at optimum activation with never-ending resistance throughout the entire movement.
Each pulley glides up and down on its own independent track—creating never-ending resistance and a more effective workout.
The swivel design of these pulleys ensure fluid cable travel and a nearly unlimited range of motion.

Model number: G627