GENESIS Multi-Plane Lift - G612

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Sure, it's versatile, sure it's adjustable to fit users of all sizes. But that's not what's the most exciting part of the Genesis Lift by Freemotion. It's the fact that this strength machine doubles as a speed training device that doesn't need to focus on heavy loads to be effective. This machine does everything that lifting barbells can - without anyone dropping the bars. Personal trainers can introduce a progressive workout to clients; guide them through one move one week and next week introduce something new. Build on client success and increased strength to keep the workout ever-changing and the client motivated to come back. Supported by a wide, gripping platform, a 'never lose' weight stack pin, and upgraded handles, this easy to clean Freemotion machine is must-have piece for gyms who want versatile, multi-use piece that's safer to use than free weights.
Thanks to the machine’s efficient pulley design, members experience full-range movement and generous cable travel to move the way they want to.
This unique platform has a super grip texture to ensure stable footing, reducing the risk of accident or injury.
Independent arms adjust vertically in six settings, creating a wide variety of exercises to build all over strength.

Model number: G612