Freemotion Fusion CST - FMSY59719

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The Fusion Team Training for Cardio & Strength Training all at once !




A New Workout Experience

A high-energy, fat-burning, muscle-building small group class like no other. Give your members the ultimate fusion of cardio and strength training in an engaging, motivating, small group format, creating a new profit center for your facility in the process.

Build Muscle and Burn Calories Fast
By combining power and metabolic training, participants build muscle and burn calories in record time. Fusion classes are 45-minute high-intensity, total-body workouts with intermittent periods of recovery. Participants achieve a continuous elevated heart rate, which maximizes their calorie burn long after they leave your facility.

Designed for Everyone

With Fusion classes, participants select their own pace and intensity, making them accessible for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. The open design of Fusion CST makes it wheelchair accessible and welcoming to users of all fitness levels.

Traditional Strength Training Alternative

Traditional strength training only builds muscle based on the load. Fusion workouts also utilize resistance, speed, and functional movements from everyday life to develop a healthier body. For exercisers who might feel intimidated with strength training, Fusion classes provide an inviting and effective alternative.

'I've taught 6 or 7 Fusion classes are my favorite classes to teach. When compared to all the different bootcamps out there, I like teaching Fusion the best to be honest.'

- Steve R. | Trainer

Personal Coaching in a Team Dynamic

Large enough to be fun, but small enough to offer personal engagement, Fusion workouts provide participants with the expertise of a coach and the motivation of a group environment.

Innovative Technology

Its patented SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance technology enables participants to achieve a total-body workout that reduces muscle soreness and recovery time.

A Daily Workout on One Machine

Participants get their daily strength and cardio workout all on their own Fusion CST machine. No need to share equipment, wipe down multiple stations, or spend hours at the gym for cardio and strength training. A perfect solution for hygiene-conscious members.

"It was my first time today, and it was super fun! As a student-athlete just looking to get back in shape, it was super intense. I loved how it targeted both my upper body, lower body, as well as my abdominal area. It was a really good workout, especially on just one machine. I felt like I got a good cardio and strength workout, and I'm super excited to do it again."

- Cindy M. | Participant

Personal Space in a Group Setting

Give health-conscious participants peace of mind about their workout environment by allowing them to concentrate on the session without compromising their personal space.

A New Profit Center For Your Facility

Create a positive cash flow in as little as three months* with Fusion Team Training. The engaging small group training format improves retention and can lead to a quick return on your investment.

Repurpose Less Utilized Spaces

Convert less profitable areas of your facility, like racquetball or squash courts, into a revenue-generating Fusion studio that creates and fosters a welcoming, engaging, fitness community.

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance

With patented Silent Magnetic Resistance and 20 power settings to choose from, the Fusion CST delivers a quiet, smooth, high-powered strength training that will get your members’ hearts pumping and muscles pulsing.


Concentric Resistance

Providing concentric training without eccentric resistance as the cable retreats, participants leverage fast movements to achieve a high-calorie cardio burn and achieve a more significant increase in muscle fiber diameter, while reducing soreness.

Mobile Design

Quickly maneuver the Fusion CST around the room with an easy-lift mechanism and convenient transport wheels that enable your team to transition between group classes quickly.


A calorie-blasting, power-generation, full-body, high-intensity workout.

Full-body strength exercises combined with quick movement speed to build muscle and burn calories

Dynamic resistance through concentric training to reduce muscle soreness and injury

Unintimidating and inviting group exercise experience

Easy move transport wheels for quick room setup





6 high-strength, abrasion-hardened, fluid-movement cable cords

2.5 meters (100 inches) of independent handle travel

Two ankle strap accessories

Free-standing base with two squat pulleys

ANT+ heart rate receiver
Pulleys: Three pairs of swivel pulleys
Rubber Feet:  4 rubber pads
Resistance System: SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance with inertia-enhanced flywheel
Resistance: 100 lbs / 45 kg per pulley
Transport Wheels: Portable via integrated wheels and easy-lift mechanism
ADA Accessible: Wheelchair and ADA Accessible
Rope Travel: 100 inches / 254 cm
Accessories: 6 handles and 2 ankle straps per machine
Display Type: LED, 20 power settings with intuitive watts power readout

Console Language(s): English
Controls:  Resistance level 1-20

Model number: FMSY59719


Machine Weight lb (kg):  422 lbs / 191.5 kg
Product L x W x H: 42 x 67 x 75 in / 107 x 170 x 191 cm