GENESIS Dual Cable Cross Lite - G424

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Slightly smaller than the original Dual Cable Cross, this modified version is ideal for rehab facilities, studios, hospitality and rec centers. The same amazing flexibility and total-body benefits as the traditional machine, the Dual Cable Cross Lite is a hybrid strength training and aerobic machine that boosts the heart rate to burn calories and build muscle mass.

One-of-a-kind Freemotion cable creates a workout that's as beneficial going down through the initial movement as it is going up. The counter-balanced arms make it effortless to change positions and target a different part of the body, while the open design makes it welcoming for all body types.

The generous cable travel makes the Dual Cable Cross Lite open to a variety of movement and works well for training two people at once.

Handles move independently to create unlimited exercise options.
Independent arm rotation with 12 vertical and nine horizontal settings, in virtually any movement pattern.
The intelligent, swivel pulley design creates fluid cable travel and a nearly unlimited range of motion.

Model number: G424